Osama Eid Hajjaj’s map

Osama Eid Hajjaj's map

From internet

Name: Osama Eid Hajjaj
Hometown: Amman Jordan

Date Of Birth: January 9th, 1973
Title: Cartoonist / Senior Designer

  • Al Mar’a weekly newspaper 1990 – 1991 Cartoonist
  • Al belad weekly newspaper 1992 – 1997 Cartoonist
  • Yafi Graphic Design 1997 – 2000 Graphic Designer and Painter
  • Jordan TV 1999 – 2001 Live Painter – Ala Al Hawa Sawa Program
  • Al Dustour daily news paper 1999 – 2000 Cartoonist
  • Al Rai daily news paper 2004 – 2004 Cartoonist
  • PC Magazine (UAE) 2004 – 2005 cartoonist
  • Work shop with other cartoonist 2004 (Egypt)
  • Annecy Festival 2006 (France)
  • Today Abu Mahjoob Creative Productions – Cartoonist & Senior Designer

My first exhibition in Jordan university 1992 (with other cartoonist)
Art Gallery in AQABA Arts & culture Festival 2011

My idea

This map’s content is just as interesting as its name— The World as We Know. Each country is represented by something typical in that culture, for example the video game from Japan, the blond Russian girl, the Brazilian football, the fast food, and basketball from the US. I think the image that struck me most is the one that writes, “The world made in China” because whenever we go, we can hardly escape from products that are made in China.


4 thoughts on “Osama Eid Hajjaj’s map

  1. This is a great concept for a world map because when we think of a country, we associate it with certain items rather than its shape on a map.

  2. This map is interesting because it is a somewhat similar concept to a mind map because it associates humans’ mental processes with the part of the world being considered.

  3. When I saw this map in the classroom, I was so interested. Each image symbolizes the countries, outlining the shape of the countries. The colors and images are fun to look at this map.

  4. I love the use of colours and the artists great sense of humour! As it has been said in earlier Replies this map depicts Cartoons of associations and assumptiuns we make about each place in our world. I grew up with a very similar map hanging above my bed, made me nostalgic. Thanks for that!

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